Who We Help

Restaurants, consultants, dental clinics, medical offices, geriatric home care, acupuncture clinics, real estate companies, investment companies, nonprofit organizations, credit service companies, film and theatre entrepreneurs, advertising support companies, medical supply sales companies, brain state technology companies, printing and marketing companies, colleges in alternative healing fields, internet-based marketing companies, chiropractic clinics and rehab centers, retail companies within various fields, conscious capitalism based businesses, telecommunication and ISP companies, conscious media network-related businesses, financial traders and marketers of trading systems, natural food retailers, manufactures and wholesalers, network marketing companies, and individuals within network marketing companies.

Your Business Benefits From Utilizing OMI:

  • Greater opportunities for growth
  • Clarifies big picture of where your company is going
  • Optimizes your company’s potential for success
  • Your company gains a competitive edge
  • Happy employees and a productive work environment
  • Satisfied customers
  • Provides a new frontier of possibilities and probabilities using quantum physics
  • Realigns your company and its people to goals
  • Identifies and corrects self-limiting inefficiencies and errors
  • Improves employee morale
  • Supports the manifestation of good ideas and goals
  • Assists in overcoming obstacles
  • Empowers your mission and enhances your vision
  • Helps your company to change direction when required
  • Increase of momentum toward success
  • Expands team effectiveness
  • Energetically enhances your company’s enthusiasm and passion
  • Enhances information flow for better business
  • Assists and energetically supports new trends
  • Optimizes underutilized capacity
  • Provides constant upgrades for your company’s energetic infra

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