Hidden Powers of the Mind

This series of articles is brought to you by Optimal Modification, Inc. (also known as OMI). The founder of OMI, Dr. Thom Rogers, is a pioneer in the field of aligning businesses (and all their aspects) to the quantum field, so that these businesses may experience their full potential.

Exploring the Hidden Powers of the Mind

Welcome to Optimal Modification, Inc the site which takes on success from all 360 degrees. What does this mean?

Success includes not just making money, but happiness, relief from stress, freedom, optimum heath, and living your passion. So this site would be remiss if it were not to include some pages on the hidden powers of the mind. Because without exploring how we can expand our potential we believe the many elements we hope to attain will remain elusive.

Exploring and understanding the hidden powers of the mind has given rise to numerous studies over the centuries. Many great thinkers know these powers are worthy of exploration because of the tremendous potential to tap into the quantum field, the vast reservior of infinite possibilities.

Exploring the Hidden Powers of the Mind / What the Studies Reveal

The studies mentioned above gave birth to both believers and skeptics alike, with the latter convinced that the realm of the mind is best left alone, undiscovered, as the human civilization has more pressing problems to attend to like poverty, pollution, and disease.

What some of those skeptics fail to recognize is that there lies in the hidden powers of the mind the key to solving most, if not all, of those problems that plague the human experience. The whole universe is made of energy (i.e. things, thought, words, speech, feelings, action), whether good or bad, and that energy has a causal effect on our own reality.

Albert Einstein
, Max Planck and Neils Bohr used science to illustrate this phenomenon, coming up with a body of work that explained the laws of Quantum Physics. These brilliant ment discovered that everything is made of up vibrating packets of energy, be it a rock, a chair, anything and everything that we can grasp through the 6 senses.

These objects are comprised of molecules which are made up of atoms, which in turn are made of up protons and electrons and neutrons, which are composed of tiny packets of energy called quanta. It is at the level of quanta that things become truly amazing as these packets of energy have been found to have the ability to influence each another, a phenomenon called entanglement.

Hidden Powers of the Mind and the Entanglement Phenomenon

Evidence of entanglement is explained in the book Science and the Akashic Field by physicist Ervin Laszlo. The book details a series of experiments conducted by lie detector exper,t Cleve Backster.

Backster extracted some white blood samples from the mouths of his subjects which he then cultured in a test tube. He attached lie detectors to these samples and transferred them to a controlled environment seven and a half miles away. Then, he began to perform experiments on his subjects.

In one experiment, Backster showed a former navy gunner a television program about the bomb attack on Pearl Harbor. To his amazement, the emotional reaction showed by his subject made the lie detectors’ needle jumped as if the cultured cells were still attached to the man. 

The explanation drawn from the experiment was that, the particles of the man’s body were still connected or “entangled” with one another even though they were physically separated. By understanding this concept, the line that divides physical reality and the hidden powers of the mind disintegrate, and we finally grasp the idea that thought indeed influences matter. 

The truths that Einstein and the others discovered through science have been applied by philosophers like Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale to everyday human activities, particularly to manifesting freedom and abundance in one’s life.

Mind-boggling Manifestations of the Hidden Powers of the Mind

Many people find the findings of Backster hard to digest, much less believe, but such skeptical treatment doesn’t come close to the mistrust given to other manifestations of the hidden powers of the mind.

The phenomena of telepathy, telekinesis, X-ray clairvoyance, precognition, levitation, psychic photography, handling of hot coals, and many others have been met with a great deal of suspicion and have become a subject of debate for centuries.

These cases definitely defy the laws of nature and it is easy to dismiss them, but for centuries, reputable men have studied cases that demonstrate the hidden powers of the mind and found convincing results.

Consider these demonstrations of the hidden powers of the mind:

  • Daniel Dunglas Home. Dubbed the “Greatest Medium Who Ever Lived,” this 19th century Scottish man had a vision of his mother’s death which was later verified. He was also reported to have an ability to levitate his body and objects around him at will. He conducted séances for kings and other prominent personalities.  He was studied and declared genuine by Sir William Crookes, a notable investigator of psychic phenomena.  

  • Ted Serios. This Chicago Bellhop with little formal education gained renown for his ability to take psychic photographs of certain locations by pointing the Polaroid camera at a blank wall and triggering the shutter. The puzzling phenomenon was studied by psychiatrist Jule Eisenbud, who later wrote the book The World of Ted Serios.

  • Nina Kulagina. Also known as Nelya Mikhailova, this woman could exert a psychokinetic influence upon static objects. She was observed and filmed while moving small objects across a table top through the sheer power of her mind.    
  • Uri Geller. An Israeli psychic best known for his spoon-bending abilities. Among his amazing feats include bending and breaking metal objects, erasing the contents of a magnetic tape, making things disappear and reappear at another location, and changing the time on a clock. Many tests and studies were conducted on him, including that of Dr. Andrija Puharich, an authority on psychic phenomena.

  • Matthew Manning. Considered as “the most gifted psychic in the western world." He could communicate with spirits via automatic writing and drawing. Without any formal training on painting, Manning could reproduce detailed and precise masterpieces by Picasso, Matisse, Durer, and Beardsley. His ability to bend metal objects at will was recorded on film.

  • Ted Owens.  Was known for his ability to influence the weather. He could, at will, make lightning strike at certain areas. He once ended the drought in California in 1976 by making heavy rains fall. This remarkable demonstration of weather control still baffle scientists.

Hidden Powers of the Mind and Healing

Studies have also been conducted to explore the effect of this mind-over-matter phenomenon on influencing the body to heal itself or to lessen physical pain.

A research conducted by Dr. Margot E. Kurtz and her team from the Michigan State University in East Lansing has found that optimism helps cancer patients manage physical discomfort with amazing results.

The studies also revealed that patients with a positive frame of mind experienced less severe pain than those who confronted the disease with pessimism.  

Over 214 cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were put through a 10-week symptom control intervention program with the aid of a nurse. The results of the study were published in the July 2008 issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

Hidden Powers of the Mind / A Gift from the Universe

What do we gain by trying to fathom the hidden powers of the human mind? Our aim here is not to get you started on spoon-bending, mind-reading or controlling weather patterns. Our purpose is to open you to the possibilty of the real power of thought over matter, and to start cultivating this gift to make positive changes in your lives.

By tapping into the hidden powers of the mind, you open yourself to the unlimited potential of creating the kind of life you envision for yourself.  This is what is meant by the verse, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” You are your thoughts.

By keeping this in mind, success is only a thought away. Just keep stretching the confines and boundaries of your mind.

Hidden Powers of the Mind / Conclusion

No matter what technique you choose to gain access to the hidden powers of your mind, Thom Rogers of Optimal Modification Inc. (OMI) is in a unique position to help. Not only will you be less affected by life's daily personal stresses, you will be in an optimal position to attain prosperity in your working life as well.

Want more information on both personal and business success and what it takes to get there? Then we recommend learning more about OMI.

Thank you for visiting the “Hidden Powers of the Mind” page. To find out more about OMI & Dr. Thom Rogers’ work, and learn more about this fascinating way to optimize your business, go to OptimalModification.com.



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